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Shree Rang Vidyamandir School Village Sarasia, Taluko. Khergam

This organization is located in the Sarasiya Flood of Khergam Taluka in the interior tribal area of Navasari district. It is located in the tribal area at a distance of 4 km from Khergam. In this institution students are educated of knowledge-religion and culture.

 Organizational History: -

In this place In 2007, the governor started the school with the approval of the government. P. Swamiji urged his Mumbai resident disciples and devotees to donate money for the construction of the school, whose donation made the school building and the hostel house.

Is. By 2010, the classes upto Std 10 were started, the number of children in the school was 300. They lived in the study hostel.

But the weakness of the organization Swamiji Brahlin was born on June 28, 2012. As the result of the closure of devotees ceased, the source of the money in the organization closed. The teacher was not received from the government if the school was non-sponsored.

An economic crisis arose in the organization. What to feed children? Where to pay teachers? How to fill electricity bills? Teachers could not get a salary of 1 year, the organization was standing on the edge of the situation so that the organization was closed.

 Arrival of Shri Surat Manav Seva Sang (Chhanyado):-

Dr. Mahendrabhai Solanki and Pravinbhai Desai, while visiting the President of Surat Human Services Association, Shri Bharatbhai Shah (shade), gave an insight into the organization's situation. Adivasi children study in school doing. The school is about to be closed due to economic conditions. After listening to Shri Bharatbhai, take the responsibility of accepting the responsibility of the organization considering the vision of watching the distant future that will benefit children and their families and society.

 Organization Objectives-:-
  1. Children who are studying in the institute come from the tribal areas of Dharampur and Kandalal, to educate them in the education of culture and culture and to give them nutritious food and make efforts to make them healthy and healthy.
  2. By becoming a teacher, lawyer, engineer and good administrator, becoming a good man becomes India's bright future conductor.
  3. Children get higher education and become partisan and visionary in the development of their family community and their own village.

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